Tigers' offensive intentions clear, correct

Only three teams in the FBS are worse at defending the run than Texas Tech.

So far, Missouri is taking advantage.

It's run the ball eight times and thrown it only three times, and the payoff has been immediate.

Quarterback James Franklin broke off a 31-yard run and Kendial Lawrence broke free for what looked like a touchdown before being stripped and fumbling into the end zone for a touchback.

The Tigers trail 14-0 late in the first quarter, but the Tigers' offense is moving the ball. Clearly, the offense is preparing for a physical game on the ground, and that's exactly the blueprint to beat Texas Tech.

Missouri can't let the early deficit change that. One bad break -- the Lawrence fumble -- shouldn't alter an offensive game plan that's working.

The Tigers have 67 yards on those eight carries.

Defensively, the Tigers are getting beaten with sweeps and short passes. Adjustments are necessary there.

But on offense? Missouri needs to keep doing exactly what it's doing.