Big 12 in the polls: Week 13

Here's where the Big 12 sits in the polls this week. The coaches' poll is weighed into the BCS standings, which will be released later tonight. The media poll is not factored into the rankings.

USA Today (coaches)

6. Oklahoma State

11. Oklahoma

15. Kansas State

20. Baylor

FYI, TCU was ranked No. 18 and West Virginia was No. 23.

Others receiving votes:

33. Missouri

34. Texas A&M

37. Iowa State

38. Texas

That's a whole lot of teams in the poll or receiving votes. Eight of the Big 12's teams have received votes, and all eight are bowl eligible. Only Texas Tech and Kansas are left with fewer than six wins this year. Oklahoma State was a bit lower than I expected, and that will cost them in the BCS tonight. I expected the Cowboys to be fourth or fifth, depending on where Stanford sat. But Virginia Tech? The Hokies at No. 4 was a surprise. The computers love the Big 12. We'll see if it pays off for the Cowboys' title hopes.

Associated Press (media)

5. Oklahoma State

12. Oklahoma

16. Kansas State

21. Baylor

FYI, TCU was ranked No. 19, and West Virginia was the top vote-getter outside of the top 25.

Others receiving votes:

32. Iowa State

That poll looks a lot more like what we expected at the top, but the Cyclones as the only vote getter in the poll outside the top 25?