Chat: Mizzou bowl snub, SEC, Big 12 falloff

Good chat this week. Here's the full transcript.

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Here's a few highlights:

Noah (College Station, TX): So Ubbs, I'm sure you've gotten questions like this but what do you think exactly happened to A&M this season? The fact that they have lost 5 games in the exact same fashion and so predictably really is mind-boggling. Was their confidence just so hurt by the Oklahoma State game that they just couldn't recover from it? I've never seen a phenomenon like this be so persistent throughout the season.

David Ubben: I really don't know. The thing that made it so frustrating is all the different ways A&M lost games. Turnovers were the most common denominator, but this was a team with a lot of senior leadership and a lot of talent. How they landed here makes no sense. I don't think it's a confidence issue wholly, but in the second half, when things started to turn, I imagine that at least factored in to a few of those losses.

Terry (Dallas): Is Baylor here to stay for a while, or is this their shining moment year and then back to "Baylor being Baylor?" I sense this season was their moment in the sun - even if RGIII comes back.

David Ubben: I'd disagree with them falling off if RG3 comes back. Losing Kendall Wright will be tough, but Baylor's had big upgrades in talent, and the defense should improve. After RG3, if he leaves this year, it's hard to see them winning 10 games, but Briles has stocked the team with so much around him, they could still get in a bowl game.

Dave (DC): Is the emergence of KState sustainable looking a few years down the road? And do you see a big dropoff for OKstate after Weeden leaves?

David Ubben: Definitely with K-State. They'll bring back a lot on both sides of the ball. For OSU, they have a lot of talent, too, but it depends on what they get out their QB play. OSU has a lot around Weeden and will bring back a lot. Mike Gundy likes to talk a lot about how the program mentality and culture is so ingrained, it helps smooth transitions, and there might be something to that.

Drew (Manhattan): I just dont understand how a 10-2 K-state doesnt get the nod over a potential 10-3 OU for the cotton bowl.... K-state has 1 bad loss to OU but OU has a terrible loss to Tech and a questionable loss to Baylor. Where is your logic? Its a fact K State fans travel very well.

David Ubben: Travel well, yes. But sexiness of matchup? Oklahoma is a national brand that's only been to the Cotton Bowl once in its history. That's good for intrigue, especially with the game now in primetime. It'll be close. Wouldn't be surprised if K-State went instead of OU, but that's not how I see it playing out.

Wes Lunt (Soon to be Stillwater): Think I will be the starter for the Pokes next season?

David Ubben: No, but it'll be a fun race to watch. Clint Chelf vs. J.W. Walsh vs. Lunt.

Will (Tupelo): Dubbs, why do you place KSU so low in your ballot? 16 seems a little(lot) harsh.

David Ubben: K-State is ranked 16th in the AP poll and 15th in the USA Today poll. They get a boost in the BCS because of the Big 12's strength in the computers. A couple of the computers have them like No. 5 or 6.

Eric (Cincy): Ubbs, by Mizzou going to the Pinstripe, they're going to a lower tier bowl than two of teams they beat this year, teams with the same or worse record. I put this as exhibit #1 of why Mizzou is out the door.... (this is the same thing that has happened to Mizzou the last four years)

David Ubben: Mizzou needs to understand and stop getting mad about this stuff. Don't hate the playa, hate the game. Bowls are about audience, and draw, both on TV and in travel. Texas and Texas A&M are astronomically larger brands than Mizzou, and the team resumes are not all that much different.

SEC (Deluded): Hey Ubb's do you think i'm over-rated, and why?

David Ubben: The middle tier is overrated. The three at the top aren't.

Mizzou fans (Everywhere): Hey Ubben,We understand you don't like our decision to go to the SEC. But I think you should remember that people much smarter than you made that decision. Bad for recruiting and no wins for lowly Mizzou is the laziest, most pompous way to cover the move, and I can say I am glad we no longer have deal with you covering us. It's not that hard to see how the SEC move can work for a school like MU. Arkansas was hardly a national power when it joined and now look. Sorry you have to cover West Virginia now, that's no fun for anyone.

David Ubben: Congratulations to Arkansas, which won two conference titles in each of the four decades before leaving for the SEC. None since. Missouri wasn't winning conference titles in the Big 12, but Arkansas is a bad example. If the Hogs weren't in the SEC, they'd be in the BCS this year.

Clay (Oakland, CA): You've discussed your long term concerns with Mizzou's conference move, but how do you think they will do in the SEC East in the shorterm?

David Ubben: Should be solid next year. Could win 8-9 games. Maybe more.

Dave (DC): Arkansas was hardly as national power before the SEC? Are all Mizzou fans that deluded?

David Ubben: Deluded is a strong word, but Arkansas' football tradition far outpaces Missouri's. And since moving to the SEC, it's taken a huge, huge hit. Facilities are much nicer. There's lots of money and prestige. But they haven't won at the same level. It's a matter of priorities, as I've said several times on the blog. Do what you've got to do. Doesn't mean I'll agree with it.