Best and worst of coaching salaries

July, 21, 2008

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Another aspect of Jake Trotter's fine story in the Daily Oklahoman over the weekend was his list of the highest and lowest-paid assistant coaches in the Big 12.

Some of the results might surprise you.

Here's is Trotter's list, which was gleaned through some diligent digging through open record acts in various states. The only team he does not have is Baylor, which is a private university and is not required to release its financial information.

Highest-paid Big 12 assistant coaches
1. Greg DavisTexas off. coordinator$425,000
1. Will MuschampTexas def. coordinator$425,000
3. Joe KinesA&M def. coordinator$400,000
4. Nolan CromwellA&M off. coordinator$330,000
5. Joe DeForestOSU special teams$319,000
6. Brent VenablesOU def. coordinator$315,000
7. Tim BeckmanOSU def. coordinator$303,000
8. Shawn WatsonNeb off. coordinator$300,000
8. Duane AkinaTexas def. backs coach$300,000
10. Ruffin McNeillTech def. coordinator$290,000

Lowest-paid Big 12 assistant coaches
1. Jeff KoonzISU defensive backs$80,000
2. Richard RahneKSU running backs$85,000
3. Jay RodgersISU wide receivers$90,000
4. Darian HaganColorado running backs$92,555
5. Frank LeonardKSU tight ends$100,000
6. Scott FountainISU tight ends$110,000
6. Warren RuggieroKSU quarterbacks$110,000
6. Michael PeltonISU defensive line$110,000
6. Shawn RaneyISU secondary$110,000
6. Clay McGuireTech special teams$110,000

Source: The Daily Oklahoman



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