The many sides of Mike Leach's personality

September, 17, 2008

Posted by's Tim Griffin

 Trent Barnes/Daily Toreador
 The pirate skeleton was a gift from Tech basketball coach Pat Knight.

There's a reason why Texas Tech coach Mike Leach is one of my favorite coaches to talk with.

Leach doesn't give the same cliché-infested answers that others do in his business. He's just as likely to talk to you about a television show or some kind of historical tidbit as a blitz or a blocking scheme.

ESPN The Magazine had an interesting 2 minute, 42 second interview with Leach. In it, he touches on the pirate skeleton he keeps in his office, paintings, Tonga warriors, the Vai Sikahema-Jose Canseco boxing match, his friendship with Donald Trump and his collection of Russian dolls.  

Thanks to Double-T Nation for letting me know about this. It shows the many sides of Leach's quirky personality in as short a period of time as possible. Good stuff.  



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