Who benefits most from WVU's win?

West Virginia, despite its clear intentions, isn't officially booked for the Big 12 for 2012.

It did, however, officially lay the living smackdown on a 10-win Clemson team in Wednesday night's Orange Bowl.

The Mountaineers set a bowl scoring record with its 70-33 victory over Clemson, and did it even as a four-point underdog.

Colleague Andrea Adelson said it best:

There is being disrespected. And then there is the Big East.

Er, the Big Least.

The league everybody wants to diss and dismiss. The league that does not deserve its automatic qualifying status. The league that nobody wants to invite to the party.

As much as the ACC has stunk up nearly every one of its BCS games, it is the Big East that gets derisively mocked. It is the Big East that does not belong. It is the Big East without a marquee national team. [...]

But before we get carried away with this Big East redemption story, there is one little problem.

West Virginia is headed out the door for the Big 12. So is this a West Virginia story, or a Big East story? Can it be both, with so much bad blood between the two?

Adelson says it should be both.

Maybe, but what about the Big 12? Nebraska had a good season, but lost in the Big 12 title game on the way to the Big Ten. Missouri was just OK and Texas A&M completely tanked on the way to the SEC.

Meanwhile, the Big 12 will collect the Big East and Orange Bowl champion next year, as well as TCU, which became the first school to ever win the Mountain West Conference three consecutive seasons.

So, for West Virginia, which conference benefited more from Wednesday night's game?

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