Decision looms for 'contemplating' RG3

Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III met with coach Art Briles a second time this week and remains undecided on his future, according to Briles.

"It's a situation where he's really contemplating what he feels like is the thing that's going to give him peace," Briles said.

Griffin won the Heisman Trophy and tied the school record for wins with Baylor's third 10-win season in program history. The Bears won their final six games of 2011 after losing the final four of 2010.

From The Associated Press:

Briles said he is for whatever Griffin feels is the right thing to do, whether it's the NFL or coming back to play as a senior at Baylor.

"Like I told him from Day 1, I don't want to be any influence on it," Briles said. "My goal for him is for him to be successful and fulfill all of his dreams. If that dream is going to the NFL right now, that's great."

Griffin and Briles met last week, and again on Monday, as a new semester of classes started on the Waco campus.

I've weighed in on what RG3 should do, but when the decision has taken this long, neither choice would surprise me. I get the feeling he's extremely torn.

At the Fiesta Bowl, Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott talked about the phenomenon of guys coming back to school, like Stanford's Andrew Luck and USC's Matt Barkley.

Now, Griffin faces the same choice.

Scott says Luck and Barkley's decision is proof that the college experience is more valuable than the public realizes. You only get to do it once, and Griffin's changed a lot at Baylor.

This won't be about achieving this or that at Baylor. It'll be about what Griffin thinks is best for him.

Even now, he's the only person who knows the answer to just what that is.