Oklahoma, WVU are 2012 schedule losers

Colleague Ryan McGee looked at teams who could benefit from their schedules in 2012, and today, he surveyed teams who could be hurt by difficult schedules.

Two Big 12 teams are in the top three, led by Oklahoma at No. 2 and West Virginia at No. 3.

The biggest test for the Sooners: Kansas State.

As we told you last week, the Big 12 still hasn't gotten its 2012 schedule squared away as the conference waits to see what happens with West Virginia's attempted early defection from the Big East. If the Mountaineers are on the calendar, they will become just another giant pothole for the Sooners, who will once again enter a season escorted by haughty expectations. TCU joins the conference, likely an early game, while Notre Dame comes to Norman on Oct. 27.

The good news is that last year's brutal road schedule becomes a home schedule, but Kansas State, believe it or not, should be better.

Sounds about right. It's hard to project too much, but the Sooners have a matchup with Notre Dame set for Oct. 27, too.

West Virginia's schedule troubles should be fairly obvious. It's, uh, gonna be a lot tougher in the Big 12 than in the Big East.

The Mountaineers' schedule is up for debate, too, but they're slated to face Florida State in Tallahassee on Sept. 9. Ask Oklahoma how easy it is to win there.