Breaking down the NFL draft by position

Mel Kiper Jr. dropped his first mock draft this weekInsider, and also updated his top five players at each positionInsider.

Here's a look at the Big 12 players who made the cut in the top five:


"(Andrew) Luck and Griffin are assured of first-round status, while there are no guarantees yet for Foles, Tannehill or Weeden," Kiper writes.


Wide receivers

"Blackmon is the safe leader of the pack right now, and should maintain that position if he runs well during the evaluation process," Kiper writes.

Tight ends

Offensive tackles

"Osemele is a versatile guy who many people don't know about, but scouts are very familiar," Kiper writes.


Outside linebackers



  • No. 5: Randy Bullock, Texas A&M

Try and contain your surprise, but if you're counting, that's two defensive players in the Big 12 among the top five at their positions.

Offensively, the Big 12 has nine players in the top five at their positions.

We projected that all year: The balance this year was weighted heavily to offenses in terms of overall talent and returning experience.

It's not always this lopsided. Nebraska's defenses helped, and Texas churns out NFL defensive backs by the bucketful.

This year, it's clear where the balance rests, and scoreboard fireworks proved it.