OU's Venables: 'It was time to make a move'

Brent Venables called the decision to leave Oklahoma for Clemson a "really difficult" one full one of "pros and cons" in an emotional interview Thursday morning on KREF Sports Talk 1400 with OU play-by-play radio voice Toby Rowland.

"I've been happy at Oklahoma," Venables said. "But I felt deep down this was the right thing for me to do at the right time."

Venables said he was excited about the team the Sooners had returning next season, and actually was "really happy" about the chance to work with Mike Stoops as co-defensive coordinators again. But Venables said the opportunity to improve his chances of one day becoming a head coach prompted him to make the move.

"I've got a fabulous relationship with Mike Stoops and felt together we are better," Venables said. "I thought really we could rekindle the old magic if you will and was really looking forward to that.

"But it was time to make a move. This could be an opportunity for me down the road to become a head coach as well."

Venables had been an Oklahoma assistant under Bob Stoops since 1999. All four of his children were born in Norman. Underscoring the difficulty of the decision, Venables broke up at the end of the interview talking about how special Oklahoma and Norman has been to he and his family.

"All my children are Normanites," he said before a long pause. "This will always be great memories. Believe it or not I'll still call this home."