DGB-mania takes over Mizzou's campus

It's been awhile since we've seen a campus visit with a profile this high.

The nation's No. 1 receiver, Dorial Green-Beckham, made one last official visit on the final weekend of the recruiting year to Missouri, the flagship school of his home state.

When the Springfield, Mo., native pulled up to campus, about 80 fans were waiting for him, cheering with signs (including creepy ones) in tow, kicking off the first of many "M-I-Z D-G-B" chants throughout the weekend.

From the Columbia Missourian:

"I'm kind of embarrassed about even showing up," junior Cyrus Meller said. "It's ridiculous that somebody from high school can get this much publicity. But it's all right, I want to show my support."

Junior Kyle Tons noted that they were cheering for a kid who does not even have a high school degree yet.

"I think it's funny that he's already more famous than I might ever be," Tons jokingly said. "[But] he's the best recruit in the country, and he's from Missouri, and I'm hoping we can show him what Missouri's all about and influence his decision."

Fans kept the party going on Saturday when Mizzou hosted Texas Tech.

From the Kansas City Star:

  • When Green-Beckham -- who was wearing a black sweatshirt -- was escorted to his seat behind the Tigers' bench by assistant coach Andy Hill, he walked out of the tunnel near the student section and received a standing ovation.

  • The first M-I-Z, D-G-B chant broke out during a timeout at the 15:57 mark.

  • There were at least a half-dozen signs referring to Green-Beckham in the student section. One was a cutout of his face.

Even players took notice. After the game, Mizzou hoopster Kim English talked about college football's most wanted man.

What was going on? DGB?” English said after the game. “We were completely 100 percent focused on Texas Tech. But I hope he comes here.”

DGB's decision will be shown live at 10:15 a.m. ET on ESPNU on Wednesday during our signing day special.

He's considering Missouri, along with Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma.

So, two questions from the fan perspective, Mizzou fan or otherwise: Did Missouri fans go too far in rolling out the red carpet for a teenager? Do you think that kind of reception influences recruits?