Sooners receiver ready for breakout year?

KC Joyner of ESPN Insider named his five receivers in college football poised for a breakout seasonInsider, and a Sooner was in his No. 1 spot.

His criteria for "breakout" players: The first is to rule out anyone who was a first- or second-team all-conference selection or had 1,000 or more receiving yards. Next, a set of criteria was used to identify potential upside: yards per reception, receptions per game, yards per attempt, vertical yards per attempt (productivity on passes thrown 11 or more yards downfield), schedule strength and strength of quarterback (as determined by passer rating).

No. 1?

Jaz Reynolds.

Here's what Joyner had to say:

Everything looks to be lining up for Reynolds to have a fantastic 2012 season. His above numbers are augmented by a superb 8.9 YPA on short passes (aerials thrown 10 or fewer yards downfield).

The Sooners' schedule is somewhat in limbo, but the Big 12 secondaries as a whole are weak against the pass, so the schedule strength should remain as good or better than this no matter how it pans out. Add in a Heisman Trophy contender in quarterback Landry Jones and an increased workload now that wide receiver Ryan Broyles is no longer in the Oklahoma picture, and it should equal a possible Biletnikoff Award-caliber season for Reynolds.

I could see him having a big year, but it's hard to imagine him playing at a Biletnikoff Award-winning level. Reynolds and Kenny Stills showed there were big questions about their ability to carry the passing game after Broyles' injury late in the 2011 season, but both are physically gifted players with loads of potential.

What do you think Reynolds has in store for 2012?