Analyzing the Big 12 combine results

I'm not in Indianapolis this week, but we've got plenty of folks who are.

They've been analyzing the action all weekend, and will do so through this week, so be sure and check out our combine blog if you haven't already. It's not Insider content, so get it while it's hot.

Here's a bit of what they've seen from Big 12 talents.

NFC West Blogger Mike Sando notes that Oklahoma State's Brandon Weeden threw at the combine this week, and had this to say about Baylor receiver Kendall Wright:

"Baylor's Kendall Wright did not drop passes during the gauntlet drills or when I was watching them in other drills," he wrote.

Meanwhile, analyst Todd McShay had this to say of Wright:

"I like him, but he drops a lot of passes and has a lot of double-catches."

Of Weeden's day throwing?

"Brandon Weeden of Oklahoma State was inconsistent with his throwing Sunday, hitting on 16 of 28 passes," wrote John Clayton. "He looked good throwing to his left but wasn't accurate on his deep balls."

Sando was assigned to watch and evaluate Arizona quarterback Nick Foles and Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon, and had this to say:

"Blackmon appeared to be protecting his sore hamstring. He did not appear to open up and really run. He bobbled one pass while running through the gauntlet. He dropped one pass on a go route. There wasn't much to see here." The gauntlet consists of receivers running the width of the field while catching passes from quarterbacks stationed along the way. Receivers are to catch and quickly discard passes from seven quarterbacks while running the 53-yard width. Blackmon went to the ground making one catch.

What does Robert Griffin III's speed mean for his future?

AFC North blogger Jamison Hensley tried to put the speed in context.

Many believe RG3 secured going No. 2 overall in the draft after dazzling everyone with his speed, which will force either the Cleveland Browns or Washington Redskins to trade up to the St. Louis Rams' spot. I don't really think this showing will factor too much in the decision.

My thinking was that RG3 was going No. 2 overall unless he slipped up at the combine. But he only solidified himself in Indianapolis by measuring 6 feet 2, impressing reporters with an engaging interview and running a scintillating time in the 40-yard dash.

Good stuff from the crew at Lucas Oil Stadium. Be sure to check the blog throughout the week for more of those kinds of posts from the guys in the stands watching the workouts live.