Roundup: TCU drug screen, KU transfer

Here's what you missed over the weekend if you were busy paying attention to nothing but basketball the past few days.

Patterson offers Horned Frogs a spring break warning

TCU is without four defensive players this spring after the quartet was arrested in a campus drug sting, but the Horned Frogs are off this week for spring break.

Patterson offered a warning for his players as they left campus for their time off.

From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

"We drug-tested last month and we’ll probably drug-test again when they get back," Patterson said. "People do stupid things like playing beach volleyball and turning their ankle, breaking their leg jumping in three-foot pools."

Patterson said many of his players plan on just going home and taking it easy.

"A lot of our kids can’t afford to go to one of those places," he said, referring to the usual spring break destinations like Padre Island or a beach in Florida. "So they’ll go home, get a chance to see their buddies. They need a break. They’ve been going hard since January. We’ve been pushing them pretty hard."

Constant testing is a good move. Making sure his players -- and the public -- know he's doing it is an even better move. TCU's run a squeaky-clean program under Patterson, but the latest incident was a big black eye.

Rebuilding the trust from those outside the program has to happen in baby steps. This qualifies as a good one.

Jayhawks haul in another high-profile transfer

It's about time we start calling Kansas "Notre Dame South," no?

Tight end Mike Ragone will transfer from Notre Dame to Kansas, according to the Sporting News. He's completed his undergraduate work in South Bend and will be eligible to play for KU in 2012, trying to replace departed tight end Tim Biere.

Ragone's missed much of the past two seasons with knee injuries, but came to Notre Dame as the nation's No. 2 tight end and No. 55 overall prospect in the 2007 class.

He had 11 career catches at Notre Dame. If he hauls in any balls this year, he'll almost certainly do it from a familiar face, former Notre Dame quarterback Dayne Crist, who followed his former coach, Charlie Weis, to KU.