Roundup: Red River, Garrett Gilbert lands

Here's a couple snippets you missed over the weekend.

Texas, Oklahoma want Cotton Bowl upgrades for Red River

The Red River Rivalry's annual home in the Cotton Bowl needs major upgrades if the game is going to stay there, according to a report in the Dallas Morning News.

A deal to keep the game at the State Fair of Texas through 2020 could be hammered out soon, but improvements must be made if it's going to be signed.

To make those, City Hall would need to take on $25.5 million more debt that would renovate the stadium fa├žade of the Cotton Bowl, modernize the press box, add club seating and more.

From my perspective, all three of those are badly needed. The newly enclosed bowl looks great and provides room for nearly six-figure crowds, but the outside looks metallic and unappealing.

Those changes may or may not happen, but even if Dallas stands its ground, it has the leverage here. If Texas or Oklahoma tried to move the game out of the fair, it'd have a big issue on its hands, and neither administration wants to move the game to campus sites or Cowboys Stadium.

The upgrades are needed, but don't be surprised if all the upgrades don't happen.

Good news for former Longhorn Gilbert

Former Texas quarterback Garrett Gilbert's career in Austin came to an end with boos in a first-half benching against BYU last season. After shoulder surgery, however, he'll be ready to go for 2012 at his new home in Dallas.

Gilbert announced plans this winter to transfer to SMU, and was given an injury waiver by the NCAA, meaning he didn't lose a year of eligibility in 2011, when he played less than two games before being benched and undergoing surgery.

He'll compete for a starting job next fall after finishing his undergraduate degree in May, and have two remaining years of eligibility when he gets to campus in Dallas.

"It's great for Garrett that he did a tremendous job for us, and sorry it didn't work out where he wanted to stay, but we wish him good luck and really glad that he's a Texas grad or will be a Texas grad this summer and wish him well at SMU," coach Mack Brown said.

Great news for a good guy whose career just hasn't gone like most predicted. He showed so much promise in the 2010 national title game in relief of Colt McCoy, but in the following season, was one of several reasons for the Longhorns' fall to 5-7. For whatever reason, it didn't work out in Austin, but it's nice to see he'll get a fresh start as a Mustang.

Texas offensive lineman Sedrick Flowers was also granted an injury waiver.