The Big 12 guide to Texas Tech's home turf

We're back again with the final installment of the "Home Turf" series introducing fans across the Big 12 to all the cities in the conference.

If you missed our past entries, here you go:

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Now, let's take a stroll through Lubbock guided by the people who know it best.

Albert in Lubbock wrote: Dont let the plains of Lubbock fool you, there's much to do out here. You can go to Spanky's Burgers on University and eat the He-Man Woman Hater, or Jumbo Joes on 4th Street for some of the best fried catfish. There's also COWamongus, which is an on-campus eatery where they kill and cook the cows right next door and have them fresh and ready to eat, plus it's some of the cheapest meats around. For the nightlife, all you have to do is go to the Depot District down 19th & Buddy Holly for the best clubs and bars, or go down Broadway to Fuzzy's or Chimy's for some great tacos and drinks.

Weston in Lubbock wrote: Ubbs,I've been a student at Texas Tech since '08 and will be graduating in August. I've seen some highs and lows in my time here, but one thing stays the same: game day in Lubbock. Fans traveling to Lubbock should check out The Overton. It's the nicest hotel in Lubbock and is located directly across from Jones AT&T Stadium. It has a good bar, great rooms and you can't beat the location. For lunch, I would advise either Tom and Bingos pit BBQ on 34th street for the best chopped brisket sandwich in the country, or Spankys for good burgers and fries. After lunch, head to Broadway street to have a few beers and margaritas at Chimys or stop by Crickets bar for pool and more beers.

Alexandra in Lubbock wrote: The first place people will tell you to go for a good drink/time is Chimy's. A quick 7 minute walk from Jones AT&T Stadium, this place offers great margaritas and the nachos are heavenly. The only drawback is the crowd. It gets pretty packed early on any day, and the line to get in can be a headache. Broadway also offers Crickets, which is across the street from Chimy's. It won't get as packed as Chimy's, as it's about twice the size. Cricket's recent claim to fame is being a stopping point for Twilight's own sparkling vampire, Robert Pattinson. (No I'm not a Twilight fan.) My personal favorite watering hole in LBK is across town from campus. Nick's is at 98th and Quaker, and offers a sizable restaurant/bar. Although it might be a little bit pricey, the best draw is that it's non-smoking, except for the outdoor patio. As for food, Fuzzy's is noteworthy for having great, cheap breakfast tacos during all business hours.Some of the best BBQ I've ever had is across from campus at The Arrogant Texan BBQ, where their slogan is "They call it a mascot, we call it barbeque." Hope this helps.

Jase Rister in Lubbock wrote: Orlando's is a must! A Great locally owned italian restaurant just minutes away from the stadium, but that's not all. It makes no sense, because they are an italian restaurant, but they have the #10 burger in Texas.. called the Paradise Burger. Mafia Queso for and appetizer, Paradise Burger for the main course, and their Homemade Chocolate Rum cake for desert..... UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Jay in Lubbock wrote: As a Texas Tech student I would say that the place to go is Chimys, the absolute strongest margaritas and solid Mexican food to compliment. Good local BBQ at Bighams. Triple J Chophouse has great microbrews, steaks, and brick oven pizza. One Guy Pizza is the best pizza in West Texas. Last but not least you have to hit a local legendary spot, Spankys. The fried cheese is absolutely famous. Lubbock is a great place, with good eats and a developing bar scene.

Zac in Round Rock, Texas wrote: Welcome to Lubbock everyone. Those of you who have been to Lubbock for games might be quick to tell others it can be hostile and intense....yes, we're passionate but you can have a great time. First, go to Spanky's (right across the street from the stadium) for lunch and have a great burger. And you HAVE to get the fried cheese. Spanky's is a Tech staple. Second, go to Caprock Cafe (34th and Slide) for dinner. The green chile chicken fried steak is amazing, great environment, tv's, and well priced drinks. Finally, be sure to have a drink at the ORIGINAL Lone Star Oyster Bar (34th and Flint); a great dive bar with a lot of "character". And you'll find Lubbock is extremely easy to get around in...it's flat and it's basically one large grid (get on any street in town and you can travel from one side to the other without making a single turn).

Greg in Arlington wrote: For great Ribeye steak and or Barbecue go to Cagle Steak House. If you didn't know you were in West Texas before you will when you go to Cagle's. The place looks like an old western town complete with a saloon (waiting area) across the street from the restaurant. Head West on 4th street and look for the lights. For night life the Depot District is a must, but don't overlook the area around Broadway (near the main entrance to campus). It's proximity to campus and Jones Stadium makes it a hot spot on game days. Chimy's is my top pick for that area and a Tech favorite for strong margaritas. Try the nachos or gut rockets either one goes great with a margarita, but whatever you do get there early because it is a small place and it will be packed on game day! One little known event to outsiders is Raider Gate... Texas Tech's official Student Tailgating section complete with live music. Check the schedule to see who is playing. Pat Green, Wade Bowen, and even Blue October have all graced the stage at Raider Gate once upon a time.

Toby Stunkard in Dallas wrote: Rawls golf course is amazing and affordable. And any student will tell you Rosas Taco Tuesday put them through school. Nothing is better than finding a patio, sipping a beverage and watching the sun set.

Caleb Weaver in Lubbock wrote: Get Your Guns Ubb! People think Lubbock is this tiny town, but really there are plenty of things to do and places to go. If you're looking for a good restaurant, Blue Sky is the way to go. They had one about ten minutes away from campus, and it is so good they built another one right across the street from the stadium. If you want to be classy (like all of us Red Raiders) then hit up Las Brises. It's amazing food if you can swing the check. Don't miss the bars on Broadway like Crickets or Chimy's either. Guns Up!

YankeeRaider in Houston wrote: If you want one of the best steaks in Texas then make sure to stop by the Double Nickle. They have been rated in the top 5 steak joints in the whole state for the past few years. I believe they get their steaks fresh from the Texas Tech meat science department.

Andrew in Lubbock wrote: Since apparently last week everyone freaked out over introducing some healthy options in Austin, I'll make amends this time. Triple J Brewhouse is fantastic all around, they have great beers, awesome steaks, and some of the best pizza in lubbock as well. Get up to The Roof (on top of Raider Park) to get your drink on while gazing far out directly in front of the Jones. For your daily dose of fatness: The Choc'late moose pie bar is just awesome. AWESOME!

Scott in Lubbock wrote: A must to do on game day is Raider Alley which is set up next to the stadium. Lots of great local food vendors and live entertainment. Lubbock is a great college CITY. The best city to be in during home football games. Jones ATT stadium is ranked as the toughest place to play in the big 12 and that's because of the great atmosphere.