The story behind the '3' in RG3

ESPN The Magazine broke out a profile of the likely No. 2 pick in the NFL draft, Baylor's Robert Griffin III.

You'll see it in the NFL draft issue on newsstands April 30, with RG3 on the cover.

You know RG3, but what about the first two that came before him? Tom Friend explains plenty about the relationship, but also a good bit about the man who the Redskins hope is the future of their franchise.

An excerpt:

A few days before flying to New York, he sat in a Waco dress shop while Rebecca picked out something to wear for Heisman night. He had time to kill, so he started writing an acceptance speech in case he won. He thought of his father and grandfather, and the phrase "unbelievably believable" popped into his head. Unbelievable because he used to be just a small kid in a ponytail. Believable because he ran hills for 15 years to get where he was.

When he accepted the trophy, he got to read the speech out loud in those Superman socks. But RG2 had researched Heisman flops (see Andre Ware, Gino Torretta, Eric Crouch, Danny Wuerffel) and decided many had gotten fat and happy. So hours later, RG2 and RG3 were working out at the hotel fitness center at 2 a.m. "I told him, '10 years down the road, you're the Heisman Trophy winner,'" RG2 explains. "'But right now you can't act like that. You've got to act the way you acted before you won the award.'"

No doubt about it: You'll learn a lot more about RG3 and where he comes from in the piece. Check it out.