Bradford withstands another late hit

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

NORMAN, Okla. -- It looks like just the presence of Sam Bradford has helped juice production in the Sooners' offense.

Chris Brown added a 4-yard touchdown with 3:48 left in the second quarter to boost Oklahoma's lead to 14-0.

The Sooners had struggled in losses against BYU and Miami, scoring three touchdowns in those two games.

Bradford's 49-yard pass to Brandon Caleb was the key play in that 80-yard scoring drive.

Also of note was a roughing-the-passer penalty by Joe Pawelek on Bradford that gave the Sooners a first down on the play before the touchdown.

Bradford appears to be playing pain free. His right knee, which was tweaked early in the game, appears to no longer be anything but a nuisance.

The Sooners even tried their no-huddle offense several times and appeared proficient in that favored rhythm. If they can get that formation working, it will be something that Big 12 foes will have to be concerned about.

And Bradford even withstood a sack by Trey Bryant early on the drive. Baylor previously had not notched any sacks against Oklahoma in the last three games.

Bradford has passed for 177 yards so far. And of his seven incompletions, four have been dropped by his receivers.