Fans' take: The best and worst of the BCS

I asked, and you delivered. On Thursday, I unveiled my best and worst moments from the BCS rankings' history of silliness, and asked you to provide a few memories of your own from the dead rankings walking.

Here's what you had to say:

Brett in Kansas City wrote: Has any other school been robbed by the BCS as many times as K-State has, in 98, 99, and 02 we were ranked in the top 10 and got short changed and then in 2011 we got passed over for not but TWO lower ranked teams because the sugar bowl decided that it would be easier to pick a team that had been there before. Unfortunantley one of the results of K-State winning 10-11 games is the dissapointment of not getting picked for the BCS.

Rich in Bentonville, Ark., wrote: My all time favorite BCS moment had to be in 2008, when the Sooners moved on to the Big 12 CG and eventually the BCS title game as the highest ranked team out of the three (OU, Tech and texas). I will never forget the feeling of complete satisfaction while standing in Stillwater for the Bedlam game and watching planes fly overhead with pathetic ut propoganda being pulled behind them.

Gabe in Buhler, Kan., wrote: Alright Ubben, I need an explanation. How is it that K-State loses by 3 in double OT in the big 12 championship and doesn't make a bcs bowl, yet when K-State beat OU by 28, TWENTY EIGHT, OU still played in the national championship?

Evan in Merriam, Kan. wrote: I don't think there is a worse example of being jobbed by the BCS than the already-mentioned Kansas State incident.K-State lost their shot at any BCS glory after losing to a top-10 team by 3 in double OT. Salt in the wound? 5 years later when the Wildcats pound #1 Oklahoma by 4 TDs at the Big 12 Championship, only to see the Sooners advance to the national title game despite the loss.

Jeff Roebuck in Wichita, Kan., wrote: A grievance that is frequently overlooked is K-State being bypassed for a bcs bowl in 2002 in favor of usc. This in spite of the fact that they had the same record but k-state had a head to head victory over USC.

Jeremiah in Santa Fe, N.M., wrote: Least favorite BCS moment has to be OSU getting shut out of the Championship game last season, and instead being forced to watch the most boring football game of my life. Well, second most boring, counting the first Alabama/LSU game. When the voting records became public and showed some voters shoving OSU down as low as sixth, well, that just showed how incredibly flawed the system is. Thank the football gods that we've taken a step in the right direction.

Janorman in Fort Worth, Texas, wrote: Never in my life have I experienced such joy and elation and so quickly have it pummled as when I was watching the UT Nebraska Big 12 championship in 2009. I saw the clock hit 0:00 and my dream of the Horned Frogs in the National Championship was alive, only to be crushed, spit upon, and slashed by the Big 12 refs who conjured up a mythical 0:01. When the kicker stepped up to kick it I knew it would be good. That was the cruelest moment in BCS history.

Iowa Cat in Des Moines, Iowa, wrote: The BCS ranking formula twice placed Big 12 Confernece non-Champions in the BCS title game. In '01/'02, Nebraska (Big 12 North co-champs) lost to Miami 37-14. In '03/'04, Oklahoma (losers to Kansas State in the Big 12 Championship game) lost to LSU 21-14.

Cheezy Queue in KC MO wrote: I have two grievances with the BCS: the first involves the fact that when the voters didn't like the results that the computers put out and who was in the championship they threw a temper tantrum. Eventually the formula marginalized the computers and turned the BCS into 2-poll popularity contest. Which brings me to my 2nd grievance - lobbying. I can't tell you how annoying it was to watch the 2008 Bedlam game and have Herbstreit interview Mack Brown and have him lobby for Texas during a rival game. But the worst is being forced to endure a conference rematch between Alabama and LSU (which I refused to watch). I'm not an OSU fan, but they had more right to play in that game than Alabama did. The same goes for Stanford. I'm glad the BCS is dead, but I'm not confident that the above issues won't creep up in the "playoff" either.

Phil in Fort Worth, Texas, wrote: As a TCU fan, a non-aq winning the rosebowl against a big ten champ was great. You have to include Ohio State calling the TCU schedule the little sisters of the poor. The worst was Putting two non-aqs vs eachother. Keep in mind these two teams played the year before when they were ranked 11th and 9th.

Overton in Sacramento, Calif., wrote: For me, the worst BCS moment was the OSU/Alabama travesty last year. Just unbeliebably wrong. I'm glad it was the straw that broke the camel's back and got us a playoff system, but I will never be OK with missing that championship game in favor of the "Snooze Bowl" redux.

Mando in Houston wrote: 2008 was the worse moment, by far! Texas beat ou in a neutral site, then falls at the last second to a 7th ranked texas tech. Then goes on to put a beatdown on the aggies on the last game. Ou runs up the score on Tech, but that is Stoops for you. The Ou goes on to do what it does best, lose the big game! Texas had the best team in the country that year. Texas and Colt McCoy would have beaten Tebow and Florida. There is no doubt in my mind about that. What if's and What could have's don't count in sports, but to answer your question. 2008, worse moment, and by far!