Meet the Sooners' intriguing assistant

Oklahoma got a new coach last season with an amazing life story.

You might not know him, but you should. Oklahoma offensive tackles/tight ends coach Bruce Kittle is one man who has a strong case as The Most Interesting College Football Coach in the World.

He was hired at 50 with almost no coaching experience, but colleague Bryan Curtis gives you a chance to get to know the man with the bald head and goatee roaming the Sooners' sidelines.

He's a strange pilgrim in Norman. When Kittle was hired a couple years ago, he'd just returned from a vision quest that spanned two decades and had nothing to do with football. "I wanted to explore some of the unanswered questions the universe presents," he says. Kittle had spent time as a pastor. A prison mediator. A lawyer. I've come to Norman to ask Kittle why he once bolted from college football and how odd it must feel — after exploring the mysteries of the universe — to have returned.

Let's start at the beginning. In 1981, Kittle was a 290-pound offensive tackle for the Iowa Hawkeyes. He was the kind of thoughtful, tough guy who gets called "head-coaching material." "Overachiever," says Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops, a former teammate. Translated: not an All-American, but destined for big things.

How'd he get there? Where's he going? Read to find out.

Very cool stuff. This is a must-read. Check it out.