Chat: Top leagues, nonconference

Thanks for all the questions today, folks. You can tell the season's almost here. One of our most popular chats of the year. Here's the full transcript.

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Time for some highlights from today's chat.

Mike (Dallas): Best conference top to bottom and rate them 1-3? B10, BE and ACC not in the race because we both know its not any of them. Rate the three that count.

David Ubben: SEC. Big 12. Pac-12.

Brandon. Houston [via mobile]: Has the three way tie thing from 2008 been fixed? Say UT beats WVU but loses to OU, but WVU beats OU later in the season. Those loses are the teams only ones. what happens?

David Ubben: It's kind of a silly, complicated system. As it stands now, if the top two teams are within one spot of each other in the BCS standings, the head-to-head winner gets the tiebreaker if there's a three-way tie.

ksucats (A lonely office): Alrighty David, I asked this question perhaps a bit late last week so it didn't get answered. In your opinion who benefits the most from OU and Kansas State playing so early in the season? My thoughts are KSU because OU has had less time to gel as a team what do you think

David Ubben: I'd say K-State, but just barely. I don't think the timing itself has as much to do with it as K-State's schedule. The Wildcats will be a little more battle-tested with the matchup against Miami than Oklahoma will be. The Sooners won't be really tested before K-State. That said, playing Miami at home is very different than playing at OU.

Nemo Cowbell (Pasture, TX): You sure were rough on your Big 12 conference with their OOC schedule. Did you compare the Big 12 OOC to another conference, say the SEC, before you came up with your conclusion?

David Ubben: I really don't think that matters, and I'm not talking as much about the popularity and frequency of crappy games. The Big 12 needs more high-quality games. I don't see a Michigan, Clemson, Arizona State or a Georgia Tech on the Big 12's schedule this year. Yes, the SEC plays a lot of FCS games. It's also playing a lot more high-end games this year. That's what I'd like to see out of the Big 12 every year. This year's schedule is awful. No hiding from that.

Andrew (Norman): Who will be the top teams in the trenches this year?

David Ubben: Defensive line will be Texas. No competition there at all. Offensive line will be close. Baylor, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma and Texas will all be in the mix for the best. WVU, too.

Jeremy (Fort Worth): If Lunt goes 25 of 30 with 4 TDs in the first half Saturday, does it really prove anything?

David Ubben: Well, it proves SOMETHING, I suppose. Just knowing he can put up numbers against anyone is proving a little something, considering he's never stepped foot on the field in a college game before. Don't get carried away, though. I want to see how he plays at Arizona before I start getting completely sold on Lunt. That said, I think he'll be fantastic this year.

Brenton Spry (Kemah, TX): If Taylor Martinez has actually really improved as a passer this summer and can provide a true dual threat offense, where do you see Nebraska going this year?

David Ubben: To the Big Ten.

CRWilson68 (WV): Honest questions.... what game do you have planned on your calendar to attend at Milan Puskar Stadium? Are you waiting for the WVU/OU game or just going to wait and see what the records are for the teams playing?

David Ubben: We almost always make those decisions on a week-to-week basis. As long as WVU doesn't pull an A&M and fall off the map, I'm sure I'll make it out to Morgantown this season at some point, if not a couple times.

Will (Morgantown): Where do you think West Virginia's defense ranks in the conference (1 through 10)?

David Ubben: Well, after the top 3-4 defenses in the league, it gets pretty muddled. With so many new faces and a brand-new scheme, it's hard to tell. My guess is somewhere in the middle of the pack. 5-7.