Wes Lunt's knee immobilized

Oklahoma State doesn't know yet if it will have Wes Lunt's services against Texas on Sept. 29, but he won't know more until later this week.

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Until then, Lunt's knee will be immobilized for the next several days after suffering an injury on the Cowboys' opening drive in their 65-24 win over Louisiana.

"There's really not anything that we can say," Gundy told reporters during a conference call. "We don't think the injury is as serious as what we originally thought, but it's not fair to say one way or the other for several days because any time that you have a lower extremity injury ... you don't know for sure how bad it is."

Lunt threw for 436 yards to set the Big 12 freshman record last week, but with redshirt freshman J.W. Walsh at the helm on Saturday, the Cowboys set a school record for total offense, with 742 yards. Even Gundy admitted it could be advantageous for the Cowboys to make Texas sweat it out, unsure of who the Horns will be facing when they travel to Stillwater.

"I don't know that we're necessarily trying to keep anybody in the dark but Wes and J.W. are completely different style of players and so each of us as coaching staffs only have so many reps that we can distribute each week and you try to break those down the best way possible based on the plays you think you're going to see on Saturday," Gundy said.