Looking closer at Holgorsen and West Virginia

Grantland's Michael Weinreb was on hand for West Virginia's 70-63 win over Baylor, and examined coach Dana Holgorsen's persona and style as unlike the majority of coaches across the country.

He examined what makes the state and its flagship program tick, and the question: Can West Virginia win every game by outscoring its opponent?

Here's an excerpt:

I don't know if the Mountaineers can win a national championship merely by outscoring everyone they play; it seems like a dubious proposition, starting next week when they travel to Austin to play an undefeated Texas squad. (It wouldn't surprise me if the Mountaineers lost two games and [Geno] Smith still ran away with the Heisman Trophy.) But it always surprises me how much vitriol there is toward offenses like the Air Raid, and how attacks like these are condemned, and how games like Saturday's are dismissed as a brand of fetishistic, pornographic filth.

I am not unaware of Alabama and LSU, but is it time to concede, given Baylor-WVU — and given Georgia's 51-44 win over Tennessee a few hours later, in what I believe still counts as a Southeast Conference game — that these sorts of impenetrable defenses are the exception rather than the rule in college football?

Good stuff from Weinreb. Give the full story a read.