Big 12 apologizes to Gundy over blown call

It won't change the result, but a Big 12 official apologized privately to Mike Gundy this week.

From our news story:

The Big 12's coordinator of officials "apologized profusely" to Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy for his official's botched call at the end of the Cowboys' 41-36 loss to Texas, according to a report in The Oklahoman.

Walt Anderson told Gundy that head linesman Brad Edwards signaled touchdown too soon without a proper view of the ball on the play that put the Longhorns ahead, according to the report. Texas running back Joe Bergeron fumbled, and the question was whether it happened before he crossed the goal line.

... An officiating source told the paper that once the ball gets lost in the pile, clear recovery goes away. In order to earn possession, Oklahoma State would have had to demonstrate clear recovery.

The Big 12 did the right thing here even though the private apology went public pretty quickly. I offered a few thoughts on Twitter earlier this week, but I doubt Anderson's apology did much to appease Gundy.

Anderson's interpretation was the same as mine: Yes, it was a fumble. No, it wasn't a touchdown. However, based on the rules of clear recovery, Texas should have maintained possession.

The odds for punching it in on the next down favor Texas, but you know Oklahoma State would have loved another chance to make a game-winning goal line stand.

If you're an Oklahoma State fan, does this make the Texas loss easier or more difficult to swallow?