Lots of questions, few answers on Klein injury

Collin Klein was hurt on Saturday night and didn't play for much of the second half after trainers took his helmet.

This much, we know. There are plenty more questions, but few answers.

From The Associated Press:

Even his teammates weren't sure how badly he was hurt -- or how long he'll be out.

"Nobody knows what's going to happen. We're going to have to prepare like we do every week," said wide receiver Tyler Lockett. "I think he's going to be able to play, we just don't know."

Longtime coach Bill Snyder deftly sidestepped every question posed about the Wildcats' most indispensable player. He at first joked he was trying to give backup Daniel Sams some experience, and then conceded that Klein had been hurt at some point during the third quarter.

When that happened, and what happened, remain a mystery.

When was he hurt? What did he hurt? Will he be back? Nobody seems to know. Check out the full story for more on Klein, but it could be a week without many answers in Manhattan.

The first indication that anything was wrong came on the sideline, when Klein sat on a bench next to a trainer. They spoke for several minutes before Klein's helmet was taken away.

"He obviously was injured or we wouldn't have taken him out," Snyder said.

Few coaches in the country are more guarded when it comes to injuries, which could lead to a week's worth of speculation heading into Saturday's game at rapidly-improving TCU.

Klein never went to the locker room after leaving the game. Instead, he gathered with a few teammates to pray and then spent the rest of the time standing beside assistant coach Michael Smith, giving Sams some guidance between series and clapping whenever things were going well -- certainly a good sign that his throwing hand and wrist were OK.

"I didn't even realize he had left the game," said defensive lineman Travis Britz. "We just kept trying to do our job and keep working."

You can see more on the story here. It's a good breakdown of everything that happened surrounding the injury on Saturday night, and what's known ... and what isn't.