Chat: Hand signs, awards, K-State, bowls

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Zach (Broken Arrow, OK): Any chance of an OU-Nebraska Rose Bowl??

David Ubben: Well, it probably wouldn't be the Rose Bowl, but there's definitely a chance they could meet in a BCS bowl. I'd love to see it. Besides Texas and Texas A&M meeting in the Cotton Bowl, it's the game I want to see most.

William (Houston): Do you think the Frogs have a shot at upsetting K-State this weekend in Fort Worth? Coming off momentum from the WVU game could mean a lot for the young team.

David Ubben: Oh, they definitely do. I've said it a bunch, but this is what people all too often lose sight of. Yes, Oregon, Bama, Notre Dame and K-State should all be favored in every game the rest of the season. That said, they're not playing a bunch of Savannah State's. They're playing a bunch of teams that can beat them. That's life in conference play (and your weird schedule, Irish). The undefeateds will be the better teams, but don't bring your A game one time, and you're vulnerable.

CLONECONES (Mickey Mouse's Roomate) (Orlando): Paul Rhoads' name comes up alot for the probable open coaching spots... odds that you think he jets?

David Ubben: That's a tough call. It'd have to be the right job. If Auburn came after him, I'd think he'd have to listen. I don't think he'd be at the top of the Tigers' list, though. May have to go through a few guys before they get there. To me, Tommy Tuberville to Arkansas is a much bigger flight risk. Like I've said, none of those guys are necessarily looking to get out, but it wouldn't surprise me if either got pretty far down the chute when it came to talking about the jobs.

Shawn (The Carter) [via mobile]: If TCU is back to being healthy next season, do you consider them to be the top team in the Big 12? Also, when are you going to come visit us? Railhead BBQ is calling your name.

David Ubben: It's not out of the question, I suppose. The offseason could be very intriguing, depending on what happens with Casey Pachall and his possible return. We'll see when I come visit Fort Worth. You'll know it when it happens.

John (Tampa, FL): Hey Ubbs, although KSU is currently 2nd in the BCS, your bowl prognosticators predict Oregon v. Alabama. Looking at Oregon's remaining schedule, either or both Stanford and Oregon St. look to drop in the rankings, how do these guys arrive at picking the ducks over the cats?

David Ubben: Gotta pick somebody. By the end of the season, those two teams are going to have very similar resumes. I agree that Notre Dame losing could actually be bad for K-State. It would give Oregon a boost in the computer polls, but do nothing to K-State in the human polls. Advantage: Oregon.

Leonard (Fort Worth): Has TCU exceeded your ecpectations so far this season, especially considering all of the losses and distractions? Where would you rate their success in their first year in the Big 12 compared to the other non-BCS teams that made the jump in their first year recently(i.e. Utah, Cincy, Louisville)?

David Ubben: Oh yeah. After they lost Pachall and subsequently got rocked at home by Iowa State, I totally sold on the Frogs. I didn't think they'd crack a bowl game. Silly me. The Frogs have been really impressive since then. One of the best stories of the Big 12 season, and they've played some absolute heartstoppers. Fun, fun team.

Raider Face (Lubbock, TX): Now that the Big 12 race is starting to become less blurry. Who are the top 3 teams heading into the final couple games? Not power rankings, just the 3 best teams in the Big 12 up to this point.

David Ubben: K-State. Oklahoma. Then Texas or Texas Tech. My gut says Tech is a better squad but you can't argue with head-to-head, on-field results. We'll see how the rest of the season plays out. Oklahoma State might get in the mix there, too.

Terrance Williams (Recieverville, USA): Even if my team doesn't make a bowl this year, do I still get serious consideration for the Biletnikoff? I mean, everyone else over 1000yds has played one more game than I have, and I still lead the nation in recieving!

David Ubben: Yeah. Marqise Lee is coming on strong, but the team's record is kind of irrelevant when it comes to the Biletnikoff. Receivers have so, so little impact on whether teams win or lose. They just touch the ball so few times relative to plays run. Williams should be the frontrunner.

Sam Weir (Chippewa, Michigan): What is Iowa State's reasonable upside? Can Paul *Rhoads compete for BCS bowls in Ames or does ISU pretty much hit it's ceiling around 8 wins?

David Ubben: It's all about building piece by piece. Sign a player, then tell him you're going to go out and recruit somebody who's better than he is. Then go do it. Inspire competition and build slowly but surely. This year, sure, you can only probably win about eight games. But Bill Snyder turned the worst program in college football to a national championship contender in a decade. Never, ever say never. Why can't Iowa State do the same thing eventually?

Paul (Dallas): What is your take on Mack Brown's comments about the horns down hand signs? EVERYONE seems to take it out of context and same he was whining but it seems like a fair point to me when you consider the question he was asked. I think people need to grow up and stop being so sensitive of players celebrations

David Ubben: I don't really care all that much about the context. It's a hand sign. Guys should be able to do what they want with any opposing hand signs. As long as you're not directing taunts or celebrations at any specific player, guys should be able to do what they want without risk of a flag.