Chat: Mack Brown, K-State awards, WVU

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Collin Klein (Manhattan, Ks): Hey Ubbtimus, what should I do to be successful at the next level? I would really love to be an NFL QB but I hear all the talk about needing to convert to a TE to be more successful, but I would really like to convert to a RB before a TE! What are your thoughts and opinions on this? Thank you much Ubben keep up all the hard work!!!

David Ubben: No, RB wouldn't work. Klein doesn't have the speed or shiftiness necessary, even though he can read holes well. He's got great size and good hands with OK speed, and that reads TE or possession receiver. He'll have to learn to block, but to me, that's where his future is the clearest.

Brendan (Austin): Hey Ubbs! Indications are that TTU is most seriously considering Kliff Kingsbury or Chad Morris as their next coach. Simple question: Who do you think Tech will hire and who SHOULD they hire?

David Ubben: On the field, I think both will be successful. However, what Kingsbury could do in uniting the fan base and inspiring genuine excitement can't be ignored. I think fans would be happy with both, but if I was Tech, I'd probably take the risk and go with Kingsbury.

Michael (Waco): Why is your reason for Terrance Williams not winning the Biletnikoff Award? How does Baylor do in the Holiday Bowl? And will Terrance Williams be a First Round Draft Pick?

David Ubben: People were enamored with Marqise Lee's skills. You could probably make a case for him as the most talented guy in that group, though Williams and Bailey were more productive. All three truly deserved it. That's rare. Baylor in the Holiday Bowl is a toss-up. If the Bears play well and the defense plays like it did the last month of the season, they'll win. Yes, Williams will be a first-round pick. Will wow scouts at the combine and pro day.

Colton P (Morgantown, WV): Hey Ubbs, could you explain your reasoning for picking Terrance Williams over Steddy B for the Biletnikoff when Bailey had nearly double the number of touchdowns as Williams? Somehow 200 yards doesn't seem to make up for that.

David Ubben: My biggest thing: Baylor had an actual running game. WVU did not. Everytime WVU got in the red zone, it seemed like Bailey got the looks. WVU had to do that, because it couldn't run the ball. Baylor didn't. The Bears could run it, and Williams is a much bigger deep threat. Way scarier for defenses, and a tougher cover for DBs because of his size. The touchdowns were great, but inflated because of WVU's inability to run the ball in tight spots.

Benadore (Chicago): Should Dana Holgornsen be worried about his job if he goes 7-5 again next year?

David Ubben: No. WVU's going to be rebuilding next year. We'll see how they look in the spring, but 7-5 will probably be about the expectation. They'll likely lose their three best players in Geno, Tavon and Stedman if he goes pro early.

Eric (Manhattan, Kansas): We've all seen the disrespect towards Klein and K-State in general and for those of us around the program, for a long time. Which has been worse? Snyder being snubbed in the national coaching awards or Klein with the awards he has been up for?

David Ubben: Nothing was really disrespect. Tough competition for all of those. K-State people can focus on their own team and be mad, but you could definitely make a case for Bill O'Brien or Kevin Sumlin as the coach of the year. Urban Meyer, too. Snyder's in the mix, but he's not been clearly better this year. He would have been if they were undefeated. K-State isn't.

Dave (Dallas): Is there a reason Briles would want to stay at Baylor other than the fact that the job is well paying, with little pressure to produce results? If he can win at Baylor, he can win much bigger at a school like TTU, the TTU job just brings actual pressure to produce wins. Thoughts?

David Ubben: No, Briles has made it clear he believes he can build something big at Baylor. The university has supported him and he's produced results past anything they could have expected. Yes, the expectations are lower, but Briles already has big pieces in place to build something special there. He wants to see it through.

dc85 (Dallas): Please give us a State of Texas power ranking... All conferences included... You can do a top 5 if you prefer..

David Ubben: Haha. 1) A&M 2) Baylor 3) TCU 4) Texas 5) Tech

Justin (Manhattan): Should we just call the Heisman trophy the "What have you done for me lately?" trophy? It seems that Te'o and Klein were more consistent, but didn't beat Alabama which is the only thing people seem to refer to.

David Ubben: That's probably fair. Late losses will kill you in the Heisman race. But it's the same in the national title race, too, and you don't hear near as many complaints.

Kelsey (Lubbock) [via mobile]: How long do you think it will be until the search for Tech's next coach is over? Also do you think Kliff would be willing to leave a solid A&M job with a Heisman QB for a job he may not be ready for yet?

David Ubben: I'd expect Tech to have a coach by the weekend. Kliff would leave because 1) you never know when you might get a chance, and Tech will provide him one that a lot of similar programs would not. He's a competitive guy. True or not, I'm sure he believes he could do it. We may find out if he's right.

Drew florida [via mobile]: Do you think Mac brown is the man to lead Texas back to the holy land?

David Ubben: My stance on Mack is this: He's not a bad coach. It's tough to say he's done enough to be seriously worried about his job security. However, I also believe there are a LOT of coaches in the field who could do a lot more with his resources. If Texas doesn't get back to the BCS next year, I do believe it'll be time to look elsewhere. He's had enough time to reboot by then.