Best and worst of 2012: Kansas State

Time to continue our series on the best and worst moments of 2012 for each team in the Big 12. Next up: Kansas State.

Worst moment: Nov. 17: The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Pretty much everything about the loss to Baylor on Nov. 17 was painful for Kansas State. It didn't have the gut punch quality of that Big 12 title loss to Texas A&M back in 1998, and the Wildcats weren't as close to tasting a spot in the BCS National Championship Game, but there's something to be said for a loss to Baylor that left most K-Staters watching with their hands on their head, screaming, "What. Is. Happening??" K-State had dominated so many better teams throughout the season before that night, but the Cats fell victim to Baylor's late-season resurgence out of nowhere. The Wildcats had six turnovers in 10 games. Collin Klein threw three interceptions in one game. K-State averaged fewer than four penalties a game, but the brand-new BCS No. 1 team had seven in the first half. It was an uncharacteristic, inexplicable performance in every way. The Bears jumped out to a 28-7 lead and it never really got close. Breakout star Lache Seastrunk finally broke K-State's back with an 80-yard touchdown run to provide the final 52-24 score in the final minute of the third quarter. The Wildcats became the second undefeated Big 12 team in two years to lose to a team with a losing record on the road in its 11th game. Like Brandon Weeden did in that game, Collin Klein lost the Heisman Trophy. Like Oklahoma State last year, K-State bounced back. Will it continue into the bowl game? Let's look at some better moments for the 'Cats.

Best moment: Manhattan is Title Town

I really think K-State reaching the BCS No. 1 has a case for this spot, considering no other team in school history had done it, but I'm going with the postgame celebration after a 42-24 win over Texas. It truly was a special night in The Little Apple. The best development of the Big 12's new 10-team alignment is giving teams chances to win league titles on their home field, something that was never possible with a Big 12 Championship Game. We saw it last year in Stillwater, and this year, Klein, Bill Snyder and the rest of the Wildcats got to celebrate with a field storming and a trophy presentation on the field with fans that nobody involved will ever forget.

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