Chat: Texas QBs, WVU, 2013, OU falling?

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David (San Diego): Can Texas finally settle on a QB for 2013 season?

David Ubben: I don't think there's any doubt that David Ash is the guy. He's better than anybody Texas has on its roster, but he hasn't played with consistency and got pulled against KU for Case McCoy. The late-season benching was because of an injury, but Texas can't win a title unless Ash avoids playing games like he did against OU and KU.

JB (Marion, Iowa): What's your bet on the direction of Bob Stoops and the Sooners? Will we continue to see a steady decline until Bob is finally gone, or will he right the ship and get OU back to a perennial Top 5 team?

David Ubben: OU can develop and recruit its way up, and you never know how a season will go, but 2013 looks like a very average team and winning 10 games looks like anything but a guarantee with this group.

Roy (Stillwater): With the stable of qb's at Oklahoma state it seems there are a few directions to go. Now it seems likely that Chelf will start next year, Walsh will have his packages and Lunt will redshirt. I truly believe Lunt is our best talent and Walsh will be a perennial gadget, what order gives the pokes the best chance at winning the big XII this year and next year, what order has the most upside, and who gives us the ability to compete for a championship in the future?

David Ubben: I don't buy that Chelf starts next year at all. I agree with you about Walsh long-term, because of the big-picture view of this offense. I don't think OSU has any desire to mold its offense around him and his running skill set, but his package has real worth and he makes defenses respect his arm. We're going to see a hot competition this offseason, though. I expect Lunt to win it, but it's very possible Chelf can, too. Lunt is the most talented guy on this team, but those interceptions this year are a real issue. If he doesn't fix them, he doesn't win the job.

Eddie (San Antonio): I think next year the best three teams in the Big 12 are Oklahoma State, TCU, and Texas in no specific order and I think one of those three wins the conference. Do you agree?

David Ubben: I think you could make a case for any order of those three, and throw OU into the mix, too. I would say there's about an 85-90 percent chance the Big 12 champion is one of those four.

Marsh (FW): I don't think enough people are talking about TCU's transfers. How big of an impact do you think Aaron Green, Ja'Juan Story, and David Jenkins will have?

David Ubben: I'd agree with you on that, Marsh. TCU is so young and has so much returning talent, but those guys do get overlooked. All of them could have big impacts, but I buy Green as the biggest impact. He's a speedster.

TDCityLegend (Morgantown): Ubbs, Karl Joseph at least gives me a little bit of hope for our D next year, not to mention it looks like we're getting some solid defensive recruits for next year. What are your predictions on Joseph's second season with the Mountaineers?Personally, I wish we had 11 of him on the field.

David Ubben: Joseph is a stud, but I don't buy this idea that WVU is going to reinvigorate its defense by throwing a bunch of young guys in there. I expect WVU to get back to a bowl game because Dana Holgorsen can develop and produce from quarterbacks, and WVU's offense will be good again next year. It just won't have the kind of firepower and home-run hitting ability of the 2011 and 2012 offenses.

Nicholas (Houston): Is starting QB Blake Bell's job to lose, or will a position battle ensue for somebody closer to OU's offensive style?

David Ubben: I definitely think it's his to lose, but I would keep a very watchful eye on Trevor Knight. Heard an absolute ton out of OU practices before the bowl that he was amazing on scout team in mimicking Johnny Football. Either way, I think OU debuts a lot of zone read next year. We saw a little bit of it in the Cotton Bowl.

Corey (Waco): So, now that the season's over, what do you think caused WVU to fall from grace/get exposed the way you did?

David Ubben: They weren't that good from the beginning. Overrated by all of us, myself included. You win games in this league with QB play and great offense, and WVU had that in the passing game, but zero defense and no consistent running game was their undoing. People overlooked it, and thought Geno/Tavon/Stedman could outweigh it. I thought WVU was a 10-win team this year. We were wrong.

Steve (Dallas): Crazy What if Question: If Texas A&M never left the Big 12... would they have been playing in the National Championship against Alabama yesterday?

David Ubben: You know, I heard this a lot. Of course, on paper, it looks like that would be the case. A&M was playing better ball at the end of the year than anybody in the Big 12. Ultimately, though, I think no. The SEC didn't always require A&M's offense to put up big points. The Big 12 does, and I think the Aggies would have slipped up somewhere and gone 11-1 or 10-2.

drew (SF): Have you ever seen a team more consistent with having a QB look worse the more they play than the Cyclones? And not just "don't play as well", I mean like "did his mechanics change from last week"

David Ubben: No, I think sometimes that gets overlooked when people talk about Paul Rhoads. People don't realize how hard it is to win in this league without great QB play, but he's found a way every year of his tenure. Amazing.