Not many people at foggy Floyd Casey Stadium

WACO, Texas -- Other than the Baylor band practicing on the field now, there’s probably less than 100 people in Floyd Casey Stadium’s stands right now. It’s hard to believe there’s a football game approaching in a little more than two hours.

The stadium has an ethereal feeling as a heavy fog has enveloped Central Texas, shrouding the facility in weird shadows you don’t normally see. The lights are on and it doesn’t really seem like there will be a game here that has serious ramifications for the BCS national championship picture.

Texas stayed in nearby Temple last night, which is about halfway between Austin and Waco. The Longhorns arrived a few minutes ago, but haven’t taken the field yet.

The early kickoff time has contributed to the emptiness of the facility. Fans will start packing in here in a few minutes. I saw a few tailgaters outside the stadium, but not nearly the number you see for a late-afternoon or evening kickoff.

It will feel more like a football Saturday when the on-field warm-ups begin. But it sure doesn’t look like it yet.