Texas cruising early with 14-0 lead

Some much for any worries about Texas coming into today's game against Baylor with any signs of complacency.

Two huge defensive stops by Texas have helped spark the Longhorns' 14-0 lead with 1:56 left in the first half.

A goal-line interception by Aaron Williams ended the Bears' first drive. And Dustin Enest's fourth-and-short tackle set up the Longhorns' most recent scoring drive.

Cody Johnson is really imposing his will early with some tough runs between the tackles, accounting for 44 yards on his first seven carries. His 6-yard touchdown blast accounted for the Longhorns' latest score.

The Longhorns look like they are ready to blow this one open. It would be Mack Brown's 12th straight victory over Baylor.