The Ultimate Big 12 Road Trip: Week 12

We're continuing our march across Big 12 country with your dream trek for 2013. Want to see the best of the best in the Big 12 this season? Come along with us.

We don't make the final decisions about where we spend our fall Saturdays, but I'm walking week by week through the 2013 season and forecasting where I'd like to be. Circumstances change as games happen, of course, but here's how I'd project the season. Road nonconference games count. Let's move on with the next week.

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Here's the Week 12 schedule across the Big 12:

  • Iowa State at Oklahoma

  • Oklahoma State at Texas

  • West Virginia at Kansas

  • Texas Tech vs. Baylor at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas

  • TCU at Kansas State

My pick: Oklahoma State at Texas

Last year's game was a classic, and you can bet Oklahoma State will be angry after losing that matchup on a disputed touchdown in the final minute by Joe Bergeron. It was a back and forth game with a whole lot of drama, and this year, we can probably expect the same. What makes it better?

Both teams should be much improved, and both might be in the top 15 late in the season. It'll be a November classic and at the very least, one of these teams will be in the hunt for the Big 12 title. I'd say both being in the mix will be more likely, and one team could win the deciding advantage in the title race on this weekend. A loss might mean elimination.

Oklahoma State beat Texas in Austin in consecutive years in 2010 and 2011 and did so decisively, but the Longhorns were a huge mountain that OSU never quite climbed when Texas was an elite Big 12 team and OSU was trying to prove itself under Mike Gundy before he finally won a Big 12 title. Those wins were nice, but those weren't good Texas teams. This one should be. And beating Texas in Austin would mean a whole lot more this time, especially if it means an eventual Big 12 title.

As for Texas, a win may be a huge step in regaining their status as a Big 12 power, and perhaps a national power. Time to re-establish the, uh, establishment in the Big 12? This game could end up being a lot bigger than just 60 minutes in Austin.

Honorable mention: Texas Tech vs. Baylor; TCU at Kansas State