Big 12 well-represented in 2012's top games

We've released the list of the top 25 games of 2012, and the Big 12 made four appearances, though none were in the top five.

Viewers will vote on the top five later this offseason, but our ESPN Stats & Info team came up with the top 25.

The top game from the Big 12 was West Virginia's 70-63 win against Baylor. It made No. 11 on the list, ahead of Oklahoma's overtime win against Oklahoma State in Bedlam, at No. 15.

The Sooners' 50-49 nailbiter in Morgantown over West Virginia made No. 18 on the list. Texas' controversial 41-36 road win against Oklahoma State rounded out the Big 12's presence on the list at No. 21.

WVU and Baylor had fireworks, and it was two top 25 teams at the time, but a lot of those points were courtesy of poor defense more than stellar offense. That's not always the case in the Big 12, but much of it was on that day.

Bedlam would get my vote for the best game of the year, and I'd go with Oklahoma's win over Oklahoma State as No. 2. The Sooners' late comeback with a punt return and Blake Bell's overtime-forcing plunge into the end zone was incredible, and the emotion of the in-state rivalry was palpable all day.

Baylor's 52-24 win over Kansas State wasn't all that entertaining, but for pure shock value, it was one of the best games of the year. West Virginia's 48-45 win over Texas didn't have a great ending, but in terms of entertainment value, it was a great one, too.

It was one of the ugliest games of the year, but am I allowed to talk about KU-Texas as one of the most entertaining games, too? It would be solely for its ending, with Case McCoy erasing what could have been a game-winning field goal from the Jayhawks with an unlikely drive to win the game off the bench for David Ash. The first 50 minutes were borderline unwatchable, but that was a fun finish.

I'm a little surprised TCU's overtime win over West Virginia, complete with a gutsy, game-winning two-point call didn't make the list. The Frogs' triple-overtime loss to Texas Tech was a great game, too.

What would your top five games from 2012 look like?