Will McCoy really stay? It's still too early to tell

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

I've been intrigued by all of the play that Colt McCoy's pronouncement that he will be returning for his senior season at Texas in 2009 is receiving in the mainstream media the last 24 hours.

And let me ask you this: When is the last time you can remember a player challenging for the Heisman Trophy and in the middle of the national title hunt stopping the mini-cams to say "No, I don't want this anymore. I'm out of here and off to the NFL as soon as the season is over?"

Which is why I don't think we'll really know what will be happening with McCoy -- or Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford, for that matter -- until after the bowls are over.

After being around both players for the last couple of years, I admire their play and the impeccable character of both. I could easily see both of them back for another season. And both are saying the right thing by indicating they want to come back to college for one more year.

But when they look at how weak the quarterback potentials in the NFL Draft will be, will they really be able to say no?

Matt Leinart was able to. And I hope for the sake of college football next year that both Bradford and McCoy are back. How much fun would it be to have both squaring off in the Cotton Bowl again next season for a third time?

But until after the season, nothing will be absolute, although McCoy's sense of being able to say no to temptation is legendary.

Remember, McCoy has denied himself his beloved Dr Pepper for the last nine years because his parents and coaches told him it would hurt his football career.

So staying away from NFL millions for one year might be a piece of cake, at least metaphorically speaking, that is.