Chat wrap: Texas Tech a sleeper, TCU QBs

Thanks for all your questions in today's chat. Here's where you can find the full transcript. Got more to say? Send it to the mailbag and you could see it on the Big 12 blog on Friday:

Nick (Dallas): Hi, Jake. Could you see Texas Tech as a sleeper team in the Big 12 this year?

Jake Trotter: Yeah, definitely. Really liked what I saw in Dallas. We'll find out a lot about Tech next Thursday when TCU comes to town. Win that game, and we'll have to view Tech differently than we did in the preseason. Lot to like about this team with [Jace] Amaro, [Eric] Ward. ... If [Baker] Mayfield keeps it up, look out.

Derrin (Plano, Texas): Is there a QB controversy at TCU now? Or is [Casey] Pachall still the guy?

Jake Trotter: I don't think this one is over. Patterson clearly went with Boykin in some key spots there in the second half. Yes, there's a bit of a controversy.

Brian (Henryetta, Okla.): Could this be the second coming of Mike Stoops’ D?

Jake Trotter: It was a great start, but it was Louisiana-Monroe. Let's settle down. The defense also looked great against UTEP to start last season.

Seth (Oklahoma City): Hey Jake! Who had the overall more impressive defensive performance on Saturday, in your opinion, Oklahoma's or Oklahoma State's?

Jake Trotter: Oklahoma State. Game was at a neutral site against a team from a power conference. Mississippi State isn't exactly the '84 Miami Dolphins, but it was an encouraging performance from a defense that would have given up 3-4 TDs in that scenario in the past.

John (Kentucky): How worried should Mountaineers fans be about that performance against William & Mary?

Jake Trotter: I'd be concerned. Keep in mind, North Dakota State, Wofford and Northern Iowa are all legit teams in the FCS. William & Mary went 2-9 last year, and West Virginia could have very easily lost, too. The offensive line was the most concerning thing watching that game. They didn't get much of a push. Charles Sims is a ballplayer. But he can't be expected to break seven tackles every time he touches the ball.

Jim (via mobile): I saw you tweeting during the TCU-LSU that TCU was looking really tired. I know the amount of plays run were huge in the third, but I couldn’t help but think how they could possibly keep up with Texas and that spread. Your thoughts?

Jake Trotter: It wasn't the tempo that got TCU, it was the third-down conversions. LSU went 13 of 19 on third downs, and that kept the TCU defense on the field for longer than it should have been. The two special teams plays -- TCU's fumble, then its TD return -- also caused the defense to be out there a lot in the first half.

Joe (Dallas): What is your opinion on Baylor? Was it the heat or are they that good?

Jake Trotter: To me, Baylor is a top-20 team. The offense looks like the most complete in the league, especially after the opening weekend. That said, they beat Wofford. It was a nice debut, but they'll have tougher opposition the rest of the season.