Danielson disparages Texas' passing offense

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

You've got to get up early in the morning to sneak something past esteemed Dallas Morning News sports media reporter Barry Horn, who was listening when CBS-TV analyst Gary Danielson made some interesting comments comparing Texas quarterback Colt McCoy and Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Danielson told Fox Sports Radio Network's Andrew Siciliano that he would pick Stafford over McCoy if he was selecting for an NFL roster.

"I'll take Stafford. He's a 235-pound player; more of a pro... If Stafford played in one of those junk offenses, he'd be putting up numbers just like McCoy. I think he's more the pro body-type, he's more Matt Ryan. I think he's just a brilliant football player, I really do. He's gonna be an NFL franchise quarterback."

Danielson used to broadcast Big 12 games. But I wonder if he's really watched that much Texas football this season when he calls Greg Davis' attack a junk offense?