Chat wrap: Big 12 bowls, UT coach search

Thanks for all of your questions during my chat, you can find the entire transcript here.

Jack (Houston): With the current silence from Texas on their potential head coach candidates, who would you believe are the leading candidates? Also, would Art Briles leave Baylor with his current success?

Brandon Chatmon: It appears the Longhorns have several candidates, including Art Briles. I'm starting to think Briles would leave Baylor, but I wouldn't, if I was him. I think he has a great thing going at Baylor, so don't expect him to be in a hurry to leave. He'd be a good choice for UT.

Victor (Monroe, La.): Hi, Brandon. What do you make of the Big 12 and can Oklahoma State run the ball against Missouri in the Cotton Bowl on Jan. 3?

Brandon Chatmon: I have a feeling the Cowboys could struggle to run the ball against Missouri. The Tigers have a strong defensive front. OSU is going to need Clint Chelf to have a great game and they'll need a receiver or two to really step up to beat the Tigers.

KG (Big East territory): What's the attitude coming from OU camp heading into one of the biggest games of Bob Stoops tenure?

Brandon Chatmon: They have a huge chip on their shoulder; they don't like people saying they don't have a chance. But they also know they'll have their hands full with Bama.

Paul (Buffalo): The name that keeps getting mention for Texas is Jimbo Fisher. I'm surprised, because I think of FSU as a top-10 job in the country, and hard to leave after an appearance or win in the BCS championship game.

Brandon Chatmon: A little surprising, but Texas is Texas.

Justin (Seminole, Texas): What kind of odds are you giving the Red Raiders in tonight's game?

Brandon Chatmon: I don't like their chances. Arizona State has an explosive offense, the Red Raiders defense has struggled since their 7-0 start and I think they will continue. This is probably the game that gives me the least amount of hope for the Big 12.

Nick (Tulsa, Okla.): Hey Chatmon, If the Big XII goes at least 5-1, will the Big XII still be viewed as weak?

Brandon Chatmon: It shouldn't be. It's an important bowl season for the Big 12. They need some teams to step up and play well because the conference's national reputation is clearly sliding down the mountain.

Vincent (Tulsa): Does Oklahoma have a single edge over Bama? If so, what would it be?

Brandon Chatmon: Incentive.

Victor (Monroe, La.): Have you got a pick for the Oregon-Texas game later today? Predict the final score of the game.

Brandon Chatmon: I think Oregon wins by a touchdown or more. ... So I'll say Oregon 42, UT 31.