Perkins says that Gill was the only person offered the KU job

Kansas athletic director Lew Perkins said Monday that Turner Gill was "one of our top guys" for the vacant position, but said that his new coach was the only person who was actually offered the Jayhawks' head coaching job.

Perkins declined to discuss whether Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh had been offered the job created when Mark Mangino resigned earlier this month.

"I would prefer not to talk about other people from a confidential standpoint," Perkins said. "Obvious the Harbaugh thing was out there. I don’t know where it came from. There was only one person I offered the job and that was Turner. There's no question about that. I didn't offer it to anybody else.

"All the candidates we talked to were superb candidates and great people. We wouldn’t have talked to them if we didn't think they were the right kind of candidates. But at the end of day Turner was right person for our job."