Big 12 dominates McShay's draft board

ESPN.com's Todd McShay has his newest draft board up on Insider, where he projects the first round of the NFL draft.

If his predictions are correct, it will be a record-breaking day for the Big 12 in New York City.

McShay projects nine players from the Big 12 in the first round, including five picks among the first nine and seven among the top 14.

His projection is a little bit different in that he includes players he thinks will be draft-eligible sophomores and juniors. Among those from the Big 12 include Texas sophomore safety Earl Thomas and juniors like Oklahoma defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, quarterback Sam Bradford and Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant.

The Atlantic Coast Conference is next with seven first-round selections, the Southeastern Conference has six and the Big Ten has three.

Here's a look at the Big 12's projected first-rounders, according to McShay:

  • 1. Nebraska DT Ndamukong Suh, St. Louis Rams

  • 4. Oklahoma DT Gerald McCoy, Detroit Lions

  • 5. Oklahoma State OT Russell Okung, Kansas City Chiefs

  • 7. Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford, Washington Redskins

  • 9. Oklahoma T Trent Williams, Seattle Seahawks

  • 13. Texas DE/LB Sergio Kindle, San Francisco 49ers

  • 14. Texas S Earl Thomas, Houston Texans

  • 17. Oklahoma State WR Dez Bryant, Baltimore Ravens

  • 22. Oklahoma TE Jermaine Gresham, Arizona Cardinals

The Big 12's previous record of seven first-round selections was set in 2009.