Helmet decals missing at Texas fall camp

AUSTIN, Texas -- You can add another item to the list of things Charlie Strong wants his Longhorns to earn in his first season of running the program: helmet decals.

When the Longhorns took the field Monday at 7:30 a.m. for their first fall practice, the players were sporting blank white helmets.

Not a big deal or detail by any means, but once again, Strong is trying to make these things mean something to his players.

Texas defensive end Cedric Reed said Strong never mentioned the Longhorn decals to the team. They were there one day and gone the next. Texas players wore practice helmets that featured the logo last year and this spring.

"Nobody asked Coach Strong about it," Reed said. "We've gotten used to that. We've got to earn things."

Strong has been pushing his "Put the 'T' back in Texas" campaign since he took over and wants to make sure his players appreciate what it means to be a Longhorn. He's even roped off the Longhorn logo in the middle of the locker room for the time being.

"What I want them to understand, it's all about pride and it is all about pride within the program," Strong said at Big 12 media days. "When we throw up our hook 'em, it's going to mean something to us. And the players have to understand."

No doubt Texas will be back in its traditional helmets in time for the Aug. 30 opener against North Texas. But what else will they have to earn back before then?