What's it like to play for Bill Snyder?

On the Big 12 blog earlier today, Kansas State players recalled a single piece of advice from head coach Bill Snyder that sticks out in their minds.

Three of those players were also asked how they would explain what it’s like to play for Bill Snyder if they were asked by a prospective Wildcats’ recruit. Here’s a quick look at each of their responses.

Linebacker Jonathan Truman: “We preach family all the time, I assure you, K-State is really a family. Our teammates will take you in, make you feel like a brother. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what race, how much money you have, it’s a family, and everybody cares for everybody. It’s an honor to play for Coach Snyder, the success he’s had, he truly knows what he’s doing; you can’t question what he says, it works. It’s worked in the past, and it’s going to continue to work as long as you buy into the system.”

Center BJ Finney: “It’s a blessing to be a part of this program. I always tell guys that are coming in it’s a lot of hard work. At this program, nothing is given -- it’s all earned, and we do that through the hard work we do.”

Receiver Tyler Lockett: “You have to want to work, you have to understand he’s old school; it’s not going to be like schools who do it new school. If you don’t want to work, this might not be the place for you. It doesn’t matter if you grew up on third base, you’re going to start at home and work your way around. Being able to have every player do that helps because we all start in the same boat.”