Fresh Big 12 voices from the blogosphere

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

Some of my blog new brothers have said I'm spending too much time linking back to my old newspaper colleagues. They may have a point, which led me to go surfing for some fresh voices from some locations in the blogosphere might not usually travel. Enjoy the change in perspective.

  • Great line from Behind Enemy Lines, which is written by a Missouri fan who lives in Nebraska. The blog isn't buying that Kansas will challenge Missouri for a second-straight season for the North title. "Like Belinda Carlisle and the Go-Go's, KU comes around about once every 10 years or so to make a brief appearance ... then only to disappear into the black bowels of nothingness," it said. "The Squaks were a 2007 byproduct of luck and insanely lucky scheduling. No such luck this year."

My take -- I'm still expecting the Jayhawks to make history as the first team in school history to make back-to-back bowl trips. Will they go to the BCS? No, but it will still be a season of accomplishment, in my opinion.

My take -- Mike Leach's team is doing a better job of staying away from these frustrating games in recent years. But many observers are discounting Tech's mettle as a South Division champion because of those early meltodwns. I'm not one of them.

My take -- Whenever it happens will be a joyous occasion for Longhorns everywhere. But it might be wise to celebrate early in the season rather than late. There might not be much joy in Austin after that Colorado/Oklahoma/Missouri start for the Longhorns in early conference play.

My take -- Barnhouse did such a good job of capturing everything, it gave readers the same feeling as if they had listened to 12 coaches during the three-day period -- without the clich├ęs that we always hear.

My take -- It takes only 48 seconds to play. I guarantee it will pump you up for the upcoming season -- particularly for Longhorn fans.

My take -- Maybe we should hire this guy along with the ASAP transcription people to appear to at every conference media event?

If any other writers with Big 12-related blogs are out there and feel that have something noteworthy, please drop me a line. I'm curious to see what you have.