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Friday, December 19, 2008
Playing the confidence game with Big 12 teams

By staff

Posted by's Tim Griffin

This is a big day across the country for college football fans as they scramble to set up their bowl picks before Saturday's first games.

While college football doesn't provide the neat symmetry of the NCAA's 65-team men's basketball bracket, it does have more bowl games than first-round basketball games. And a game has been developed to help build interest in the bowls.

It's called the confidence game and it's relatively easy. For each bowl pick, you provide a numeric value on how confident you are about that pick.

So with all of the bowl games, you would rank your picks in order from 1 through 34.

A lot of people across the country are involved in these pools. And they are fun because any of the 34 games may be vitally important. So it behooves you to watch all of the games to see how your picks turn out.

I'm not going to bore you with my picks from 1 through 34. It's a little like hearing my next-door-neighbor tell me about his third wide receiver dilemma every week for his fantasy team.

But since this is a Big 12 blog, I figure that most of my readers would be curious about how I rank the conference's seven bowls. I'll be glad to oblige with my picks on those and where I weighted them in comparison with the others that will play out over the next few weeks.

Here goes. May my luck be good this bowl season.

I'd be curious how readers have the games picked and what order they feel confident about their picks