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Tuesday, May 18, 2010
Huskers vs. Big Ten opponents

By staff

With all of the Big Ten expansion talk, there's still very little concrete anything to hold onto.

While the future might be fluid, the past isn't. So, if Nebraska leaves, here's a look at how it's done historically against each of the 11 Big Ten teams.

A few big-picture points: vs. Illinois (7-2-1)
vs. Indiana (7-9-3)
vs. Iowa (26-12-3)
vs. Michigan (2-3-1)
vs. Michigan State (5-0)
vs. Minnesota (20-29-2)
vs. Northwestern (3-1)
vs. Ohio State (0-2)
vs. Penn State (6-7)
vs. Purdue (0-1)
vs. Wisconsin (3-2)

vs. Notre Dame (8-7-1)