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Friday, May 1, 2009
Big 12 lunch links: Of Red Square parades and spring games

By staff

Posted by's Tim Griffin

This is going to date me, but I can remember back when May 1 meant one thing.

That was the day I could always count on tuning on the evening news and seeing the newest collection of aircraft, tanks and other armaments being showcased in a huge parade in Red Square in Moscow. The Communists used to use International Worker's Day to display the country's military forces and to honor themselves.

Thankfully, the fears of that Cold War era have abated in recent years. But I've got to believe that some football fans view spring games of rival teams in much the same way.

Don't some Texas fans feel the way I used to when Oklahoma trots out its collection of athletes during the spring game to show off what they can do? Maybe a feeling of fear and dread, but still measuring up to what my team or country might have.

Or that Sooners have similar feelings when they watch the Longhorns conduct their spring game work? Or that a Kansas fan might feel that way if he happened to stumble into Bill Snyder Family Stadium tomorrow afternoon for Kansas State's spring game?

Fortunately, we won't see any military parades in Red Square today.

But we do have some tasty Big 12 lunchtime links. Enjoy them and the weekend.

"Most of the guys wake up Sunday morning like they've been hit by a train," Gove told the World. "I woke up Monday morning feeling that way. And Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning and Thursday morning."