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Thursday, May 21, 2009
A wish list for my Big 12 Football 2010 game

By staff

Posted by's Tim Griffin

I've never really been a big fan of EA Sports' NCAA Football. So Sam Keller's lawsuit that would take away the ability to play realistic teams doesn't really resonate as a cause célèbre for me quite like it does for some of my readers.

But I am amazed at some of the realistic elements that are added to the game.

The Web site Dawg Sports includes seven touches that they wish were incorporated into the game. One has a Big 12 relationship. They wished there were thought bubbles over Mike Leach when the Red Raiders are playing. Here's why:

"Just picture it. The Texas Tech quarterback lofts one into the corner of the end zone for his sixth touchdown pass of the game. The camera pans over to Coach Leach, who is busy weighing several of the lesser known critiques of Keynesian economics, and reflecting on why exactly he loves pineapple salsa so much. You know that's how it really happens in Lubbock."

I like that idea and a few more involving the Big 12. Here's my list of features that should be in the game.

Anybody else have ideas they would like to incorporate into our version of EA Big 12 Football 2010?