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Friday, November 4, 2011
How does WVU stack up vs. the Big 12?

By staff

The timing is still up for grabs, but West Virginia is headed to the Big 12.

As we've done in the past, here's a look at the Mountaineers' history with their new league. A few other realignment history lessons before we get started:
West Virginia has never played Iowa State or Baylor. Will the world end when they do? My guess is no. As for the teams the Mounties (I'm rolling with this nickname) have played, here goes:

Kansas (1-0)
Kansas State (1-1)
Oklahoma (2-2)
Oklahoma State (2-1)
Texas (1-0)
TCU (1-0)
Texas Tech (1-0)

Missouri (2-3)

West Virginia has, regrettably, never played Texas A&M, either.

Overall: 11-7

Clearly, West Virginia lacks history with many folks in the Big 12. Getting that started should be fun, though. No Big 12 team has traveled to Morgantown since 1941, and no Big 12 team has played West Virginia in the regular season since 1982.

How come nobody ever wanted to schedule these guys in the nonconference? There are a lot of teams in college football, but that gap is staggering. WVU's been a good program.

The Big 12 is 1-4 against West Virginia in bowl games, but there won't be any more of that as long as the Mountaineers are Big 12 members.

That's forever ... right?