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Tuesday, January 15, 2013
Chat: Mack, QB shuffles, Big 12/SEC

By David Ubben

Thanks for all your questions in today's chat. Here's where you can read the full transcript.

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David (San Diego): Can Blake Bell be a passing threat as Landry Jones was?

David Ubben: I believe in Bell's arm, but not to the degree that I believed in Jones. Bob Stoops has already made it clear that the quarterback running game will be a big part of the offense next year. We saw some zone read in the Cotton Bowl. Whether Bell wins the job or Trevor Knight, both will win the job because of their arms. The legs will just be a bonus.

Ryan (El Paso): David!!!!!!!What impact will losing Stansly Maponga and Josh Boyce have on TCU??

David Ubben: They're both big, big losses. Maponga and Fields probably would have been the best DE duo in the league next year. Perhaps the country. Fields will be great next year, but that loss hurts. Boyce hurts because of his experience. I like Brandon Carter and LaDarius Brown, but you can never have enough receivers in the Big 12. It definitely knocks TCU down a small peg.

Tyler (Tyler, TX): If you had to bet that the Big 12 would add more schools who would they be and in what time frame would they join?

David Ubben: Florida State has to be No. 1 on their list, and if it happens, it'll happen after the playoff is instituted.

Mack Brown (Austin): Chances of Kevin Sumlin stealing my job?

David Ubben: Uh...not good. Don't think that'd go over well in Austin. He'd be a great fit there on paper, but Texas can get a whole bunch of coaches to come. Taking A&M's coach produces some problems in Austin that I don't know you want to deal with. You need a fan base to be behind a guy from the start. It helps every part of the transition.

Wayne (Stillwater) [via mobile]: Who do you see as being the dark horse this season? And do you think Kansas can finish anywhere but last?

David Ubben: I'd say my Big 12 title dark horse is Baylor. My dark horse to make more noise than people expect is Texas Tech. It's possible KU could surpass Iowa State or West Virginia this year, but I'm not betting on it until I see Jake Heaps really show some progression. I don't buy it for now, but I do think KU snaps the Big 12 losing streak this year.

Phillip (A stadium near you): David, in your opinion, what is the most important off field reason for the difference between the SEC and the Big 12 and also the most important on field reason for the difference in the two conferences?

David Ubben: Well, off-field reasons are pretty simple. When it comes to pressure on the administration and resources for the program, the overall fan support in the SEC surpasses the Big 12 and shows up on the field. As for the biggest on-field difference, it's absolutely the defensive lines. They're big, fast and a lot better than the D-lines in the Big 12.

Cole (Cave Springs, AR): OU looks to move to an offense grounded in the Zone Read, will they stay No-Huddle? We used to snap as fast as Oregon, but for the last 2 years, our no huddle has been extremely slow, even causing delay of game in many situations.

David Ubben: No, OU will definitely keep that pace. That's when we saw them succeed the most. They'l see that. The offense won't be grounded in the zone read, but I do think it'll be featured. Oklahoma still wants to sling it, but it's seeing just how valuable the quarterback running game is when you have a guy who could do both. The Sooners' last two QBs were statues. The new guy will be anything but.

Jon (Dallas): No news on a QB transferring from OSU, which is surprising given the log jam. Do they all plan on competing for the job in the spring, with the loser(s) transferring?

David Ubben: I'm a little surprised, but I think they all believe they can win the job for sure. If Lunt wins the job, Chelf would have the option to go somewhere else and play immediately, if my understanding of his academics is correct. If Chelf wins the job, it'll be interesting to see if Lunt wants to wait a year or transfer out. He's an Illinois guy and came because of Monken. I'd say he's the highest percentage to leave, but honestly, my guess is they all stay.