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Big 12 lunch links: Give me some Big 12 throwback uniforms

May, 6, 2009

Posted by's Tim Griffin

There's a reason why the NFL is the marketing monolith that it is.

The announcement the league made earlier this week where the old American Football League teams will be wearing throwback uniforms for select games during the upcoming season was a stroke of genius.

So figuring the NFL will do that, why can't Big 12 teams do the same thing?

Check one of my favorite football books, the ESPN College Football Encyclopedia, for some of the helmets that have been featured and could be brought back for special occasions.

Like Baylor's white helmet with the green interlocking BU that was used from 1969-71. Or the Colorado helmet with the black honors that the Buffaloes employed from 1960-62. 

Or my very favorites, the Oklahoma and Texas helmets with uniform numbers adorning them.

Heck, we could even bring those Texas A&M uniforms with the striped shoulders that the Aggies wore back in the mid-1970s. Long live the exploits of Garth Ten Napel and Ed Simonini!

Until I go too far down memory lane, how about some lunchtime links to firmly ground me in the present?

Big 12 lunch links: Montana's son looking at OU, Nebraska

March, 31, 2009

Posted by's Tim Griffin

COLUMBIA, Mo. -- It was unusually busy in downtown Columbia for a Monday night after I arrived here. The Field House appeared to be rocking and other clubs and coffee houses were packed with students along Broadway.

But before I got back to my hotel room and started my work for the following day, I had to make one pilgrimage.

I'll be out at Missouri's practice later this afternoon and will deliver a report before I leave, but I wanted to provide a few lunchtime links along the way.

I'm going to enjoy my links mine with a big cold chunk of Shakespeare's finest pizza -- canadian bacon, mushroom and green pepper, thank you very much.

And for all of the Missouri expatriates out there, I'll gladly have a second piece for them, too.

Until then, here are some of today's most notable Big 12 stories.