Yards to Glory: Sooners' Fiesta shocker

Monday we began a week-long project looking at the most famous touchdowns from 100+ yards down to one yard, and we'll be taking a look at each of the Big 12 entrants on the blog throughout the week.

You can see the full project here.

Oklahoma came up short in one of the greatest games in college football history, but the Broncos' famed hook-and-lateral takes home the title of the greatest 50-yard score ever. The Sooners will see the man who made this play call often. Bryan Harsin was a first-year offensive coordinator in this game, and now calls plays for none other than the Texas Longhorns.

Forde, by the way, drops a glorious Little Giants reference for all to enjoy.

Jan. 1, 2007: Boise State's sandlot scoring spree to win the Fiesta Bowl 43-42 against Oklahoma ended with a Statue of Liberty play and included a halfback pass. But the play it began with was the most amazing of all -- a hook-and-lateral from midfield with seven seconds left, forcing overtime. Facing a fourth-and-18 and trailing by a touchdown, the undefeated, underdog Broncos appeared beaten until Jared Zabransky fired a 15-yard pass to Jerard Rabb, who then lateraled to Drisan James, who streaked 35 yards down the sideline untouched. Best play call this side of the Annexation of Puerto Rico.

-- Pat Forde